How the MMORPGs Virtual Economies Work

All of the mmorpgs seem different in their own accord, but they all have one thing in common and that is a virtual economy. Virtual economies can be found in basically any game, ranging from World Of Warcraft all the way to Candy Crush. Virtual market places can have in game goods ranging from power ups to armor that will protect your character. Virtual economies hold an important place in mmorpg games and even though it is often criticized because over the years the marketplaces have gotten more complex in their design and inner workings.

Now, for mmorps a virtual economy is basically a set of goods, services, currencies (which vary game to game) which can be traded or spent in the virtual world. This virtual world, whatever game the customer is playing, would allow the player to produce or craft the goods and can hold them in a game marketplace to trade or sell. Not all games have marketplaces with these options, sometimes it is a purchase only type deal from the actual game.

However, with mmorpgs trading is a common occurrence. Players in a majority of mmorpgs usually exchange items in a designated place, they do have to comply with rules set by whatever game they are playing. They do have different areas designate for this kind of activity and the titles can vary such as an auction house or bazaar

At the other end of the spectrum, there are majorly commercial, subscription mmorpgs that can work with more complicated, multifaceted, economic systems. These systems can work with different types of currencies and trading systems which helps to provide players with multiple options to generate and spend their in game and real-life resources.

These integrated virtual economies, combined with social and combat compatible mechanisms form a very firm structure for these games and the players.


Video games have jumped leaps and bounds over the years, astonishing gamers all over the world with what is capable of developers. One of the biggest genres of games is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, where a large number of players are supported at the same time and play in the same universe together. Some of the most popular MMORPGs available on the PC today are World of Warcraft, TERA, and Aion.

World of Warcraft is the most popular and widely known MMORPG of all time, with an astounding 100 million accounts made as of January 2014. Since 2004, the game has moved up the ranks and still has nearly seven million subscribers. It offers several expansions and a large amount of downloadable content for those looking for end game content after they level their dwarf Paladin to 90. With a new expansion being released by the end of 2014, the World of Warcraft universe will continue to grow for a continued time.

Released in 2012, TERA is a fairly recent MMORPG with great ratings. It offers a large world with continuous content and great graphics. The game has an even larger subscription base after 2013 when they announced it would be free to play after the original purchase of the program itself. With there being numerous class and race combinations available, there are a lot of options for gamers to choose from. There are also not only dungeons, but time runs and ranked time runs for a bit of challenge. With the reviews and content available in TERA, it should be around for quite a while!

Aion: The Tower of Eternity is a MMORPG that began in Asia and recently was released in the United States with favorable reviews. On release, it became the best-selling PC game of September 2009 and eventually sold 1 million copies by November 2009. It also is free to play after the original purchase. Reviews state that though the graphics are great and innovative, the game lacks original content and a lot of the game is spent grinding through levels. Aion’s second expansion was released in September 2010 and with the amount of players that actively play, Aion doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

With new MMORPGs coming out all the time, the next big game could be right around the corner. With video games like World of Warcraft, TERA, and Aion in our PCs, however, it might take a second for us to realize where that corner is. The beautiful landscapes and ability to join adventures at any time offers a release to gamers that a lot of games can’t offer. MMORPGs are always going to be around to make us happy at the end of the day!

Best Browser-based MMORPGs

Massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, otherwise known as MMORPGs, are widely recognized for being played on the PC or gaming systems. There are, however, countless games that are available right through your Internet’s browser! Some of the best browser-based MMORPGs include RuneScape, Battlestar Galactica Online, and Drakensang Online.

RuneScape is probably the most known free web-based MMORPG. Guinness World Records actually has recognized this game as not only the world’s largest free MMORPG, but also the most updated game. It runs on a Java and HTML5 platform, currently integrating 3D rendering. With over 200 million accounts, the RuneScape world has a wide range of options available for players, including customizable avatars, attainable objectives, questing, experience for available skills, chatting, trade, and even mini competitive games. The game was originally released publically in 2001 and got its most recent update in 2013 under the name RuneScape 3.

Based off the 2004 television series, Battlestar Galactica Online is a free browser-based MMORPG that was released in 2011 and quickly exceeded 2 million registered players in less than three months. The game incorporates a space environment, offering flight combat options. Players can act as a pilot and run different challenges and focus on leveling up. There is an entire economy, including ships and resources that players can purchase. There has not been any updates yet for the game but it still a favorite web-based MMORPG for game lovers.

Another free web-based MMORPG is Drakensang Online. This game adapts a Diablo type theme and the world is completely open to exploration. There are four classes to choose from, quests to complete, dungeons, a guild system, and a chatting feature. The option to solo or group up is completely up to the player as wel. There is a full economy including a special currency called Andermant. Officially released in August 2011, a retail version was actually released in November 2011 as well. Drakensang is praised for its high graphics compared to other browser-based games and it has won countless awards for its content.

Browser-based MMORPGs are a great option for gamers looking for something new and light. When you think of MMORPG, you normally do not think of a game right on your browser. Whether you are looking for something sci-fi like Battlestar Galactica, or traditional like RuneScape or Drakensang Online, there are games for just about everyone out there. MMORPGs exist to offer an escape for gamers and what better way than just pulling up an Internet browser?

Best Free MMORPGs

Over the years may free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplay Games have become available online. Some are browser based, others require the installation of a client to run. It is all dependent on the developers, and their personal preferences for gameplay. What makes an MMORPG good is the content, how they operate with gameplay and how they do their online interactions. These games operate in perpetual online words that cross connect so that hundreds or thousands of players can interact. Most will give you the ability to control an avatar, and you’ll be given quests to complete in order to earn experience and items you’ll need to acquire to become more powerful. Free to play games often offer the player the ability to purchase in game content, such as special items and skins, rather than requiring a subscription or payments to access playable content. The following games are in no specific order.

Top Free MMORPGs

1. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is based off the tabletop game, Wizards of the Coast, and the novels by the fantasy writer, R.A. Salvatore. However, it is considered a standalone game with no real connection to the previous games in the Neverwinter Nights series. The game is set in a time of chaos, after the disappearance of the last Lord. Throughout the game, you must fight for the cities safety. There are dangerous skeletons, which used to be citizens of Neverwinter, as well as a vicious lich named Valindra and a blue dragon that assists her in her vendetta. The game is entirely free to play, from level one to the cap, though it does have downloadable content for the player to enjoy more areas. There is no need to target or auto attack, as they have increased the depth in fighting. There are classes available, including the Guardian Fighter, Trickster Rogue and Devoted Cleric. You can fight Kobolds, Mimics, Beholders and other creatures as you travel the lands.


TERA is a vast and open world, offering the player thousands of quests in over 80 zones. The designers used the Unreal Engine 3, so their graphics are amazing. The basic gist of the game is that the world is being attacked by the underworld, evil gods and various monsters and the players must combat them to defend their world. You can choose from 7 different races, the braka, castanic, elin, popori, high elves and aman. The main draw for many players is the fighting style, it is based on the player’s actual skills and depends on constant movement, timing, aim and skill. There are epic monsters to battle that feature advanced AI abilities. The online community is highly interactive, and is completely necessary for the game’s economic, social and political status. It can even be played flawlessly by either mouse and keyboard, or a game controller.

3. MapleStory

Maplestory is known for its vast world and potential in all kinds of classes and jobs. You are given the ability to customize your character’s features with facial expressions, hairstyles, equipment and more! The basic story behind Maplestory is that the players are training to defeat the Black Mage in the event that the heros who froze him, and themselves, don’t melt out of the magical ice before him. There are the basic classes, but they can be customized for specific jobs. For instance, there are the explorer classes, which hold the beginner, warrior, pirate and thief dual blade jobs. There are also the Cygnus Knights, Heroes, Resistance, Nova and Sengoku classes. The game is played by travelling and exploring the many deserts, forests, caves and mountains. You fight monsters, which grow stronger depending on the area, and level up through skill points. This games has a wide fan base and active community.

Best Mac MMORPGs

Until recently Mac systems were considered inferior to other game consoles and even Windows operating system. There were only a limited number of games available for Mac and the graphics could not compare to the like of Xbox or PlayStation. Now however, times have changed. Mac, through the use of Bootcamp, can now mimic the Windows OS, so users can easily play games and experience the same quality they do on other consoles. This, in combination with Mac’s unparalleled popularity, has led to tons of more games being developed for them. the result is Mac users now have some of the best MMORPG’s on the market. Here are the 3 best for the Mac system:

1. World of Warcraft: This game has been around for years now and it just keeps getting better. It is the most popular out of all the MMORPG’s on the market. This fantasy game allows users to explore this alternate world without ever getting “stuck”, like in other games because when you quest it naturally progresses the game. It is easy to maneuver for beginners and advanced players and offers skills that are unique to each level. There is multiple opportunities to work as a team during game play and the graphics are crisp. The player versus player mode features capture the flag, sieges and arenas for hours of additional fun. The game comes with a 10 day free trial, then it’s 14.99.

2. Fusion Fall: This is an MMORPG game that uses an extensive number of cartoon characters as you explore and battle different enemies. The game is downloaded from an engine and once it is you can and play through your browser, for quick and easy game play. Game play requires you to complete predetermined mission to advance to higher levels. The avatars moves are simple to master, so this game is good for kids yet challenging enough as it progresses for teens too. Controls are easy to understand and game play is very entertaining.

3. Second Life: This MMORPG is an alternate reality game that has users hooked for hours at a time. The game requires you to acquire and invest in different virtual properties, challenging you on an intellectual level as well as through game play. Second Life users have amassed over $1 million in gross sales, a testament to the games popularity. You have the freedom to create any in game item you can think of and you can also design one-of-a-kind MMO houses. The game also offers unlimited free play, making it a real bargain. This game is geared toward young adults and adults and has great graphics.

These games are the best that Mac has to offer for all ages and player skill levels.